Web Tools FTP SFTP SSH client

Web Tools FTP SFTP SSH client APK

About Web Tools

Simple way to manage your sites, test internet speed. Also http, telnet client

Modern technologies allow you to manage sites using Android device. Use Web Tools: Our FTP SFTP SSH client. This utility combines a file manager with a handy FTP and SFTP module to connect to the server where the website files are located. Using the application, you can remotely test the operation of the website. The program will become an indispensable tool in the work of system administrators and web developers.

Site administration and management using a smartphone

Previously, site administration could only be done using desktop computers on which special file managers were installed. But now you can do the vast majority of your online projects via smartphones. Install Web Tools app provides great opportunities:

• FTP client. A simple and fast ftp file manager for transferring data to a remote server.

• SFTP client. A file manager that connects using a secure connection via sftp.

• SSH client. Function for secure connection to a remote server via ssh and file administration.

• Telnet client. Network utility for quick access to server resources via telnet protocol.

• HTTP test. A tool to test the performance of a website and backend, such as a REST API.

• Speed Test. A quick and easy test of the speed of the server's connection to the network.

• Code editor. Utility for detecting errors in the code. Quick check sites for internal errors.

• Rest API. A built-in program for testing the operation of applications written in JSON and XML.

Web Tools is a must-have for anyone who administers websites and doesn't want to be at their workplace 24 hours a day. The application can be configured to monitor failures on a remote server. This will allow you to intervene in the operation of the site and eliminate the consequences of the identified errors.

Benefits of the Web Tools app

The Web Tools application is a simple and convenient website check monitor. If necessary, you can conduct an Internet speed test (speed test), upload the necessary files to the site or run a code editor to correct errors. To do this, you only need a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system.

The application will provide access to administered sites immediately after connection. The compact utility will not take up much space on your device and will become an indispensable set of tools for solving most problems on your servers. The application includes all the most popular utilities needed to work with websites.

The advantages are:

• Ability to perform work using a smartphone.

• Quick response to any failures and server errors.

• Any action can be performed in a couple of taps on the screen.

• High speed monitoring of important server processes.

• Ensuring maximum connection protection.

Our team, which develops and supports the application, is constantly in contact with users and listens to their suggestions. If you need a telnet client, file manager or connection speed tester, use the application. This program will make life easier for web developers, administrators and site owners.

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