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Angler helper. Shops and fishing permits, a map of fishing grounds. Time to go fishing

Kingfisher: Fishing, Permits, Fish, Fisheries Map is an angler's assistant designed for all those who love fishing.

Buy permits at any time of the day or night, anywhere in Poland.

Build your own bathymetric maps with the Kingfisher Desktop app:


Fishing is your favorite activity? Would you like to find a fishing spot in your area? Are you in a new place and would you like to go fishing? Are you passing through in Gdańsk, Kalisz, Płock or Lublin and you are looking for a fishery in the area? Are you fishing and looking for tackle shops in the area? You've come to the right place.

Kingfisher: Fishing, Permits, Fish, Map of Fishery is an application for fishermen that will show you a list of available fishing shops, waters where you can devote yourself to your passion.

Finding a place to fish with our modern angling assistant has never been easier.

Features in our angler helper :

- purchase of fishing permits in the application.

- searching for water reservoirs by types: lake, canal, sea, river, great lowland river, pond, excavation, oxbow lake, dam reservoir.

- list of water bodies in the area: water type, RZGW leaseholder, location, length, beginning, end with information on current protective periods.

- list of fishing shops with address details: address, website, telephone number, opening hours.

- a list of units of the State Fisheries Guard throughout Poland

- in our application for anglers it is also possible to determine your current location

- the ability to add a given location or a given fishing shop to your favorites

- possibility of filtering results: only water reservoirs, PZW fisheries.

- a specially developed algorithm leads the shortest way to a given body of water, and thanks to the use of Google Maps, also taking into account the traffic volume. Our angler assistant allows you to remember a given GPS position (an interesting fishery, e.g. hills). You can send a text message or an e-mail directly to the State Fisheries Guard with the location of poaching equipment.

Forgot information on cutoff periods or dimensions? No worries.

By using our application for anglers ? you get access to information on the upper dimensions, lower dimensions, protection periods, fish catch limits, such as:

Asp, barbel, vimba, burbot, pike perch, catfish, pike, pig, eel, grass carp, huchen, ide, crossguard, crucian carp, chub, bream, bream, tench, grayling, salmon, perch, roach, brown trout, strut whitefish, silver carp, sea trout, bleak, rudd).

Our angler helper Kingfisher: Permits, Fish, Fishing, Fishery Map also allows you to save your favorite fishing spots.

A partial list of waters from our fishing helper: Warta No. 7, Odra No. 3, Vistula No. 1, Parsęta, Drwęca, Radew, Wieprza, Ina, Koronowkie Lake (Koronowski Lake), Drawskie Lake, Jeziorsko, Powidz, Śniardwy, Jeziorak, Dargin, Siemianowskie Lake, Mamry, Niegocin, Gardno, Jamno, Zegrzyński Lagoon, Gopło, Kisajno, Nickie, Wielmie, Wigry, Łebsko, Miedwie, Goczałkowicki Reservoir, Czorsztyńskie Lake (Czorsztyn) and many others.

We know that fishing equipment and accessories are an important issue for every angler. By using the application, you get access to a huge database of fishing stores that you can find nearby.

Kingfisher: Fishing, Permits, Fish, Map of Fishery is a free fishing guide to waters throughout Poland.

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