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About WellDone

Control merchandisers and sales representatives

The system allows you to control, manage and automate the work of merchandisers, sales representatives, auditors and other "field" employees.

The system functionality includes:

- setting goals

- Implementation with GPS coordinates

- filling in the questionnaires

- photo, video, audio reports

- conducting Sensus

- base formation

- Web control panel and statistics

- orders, control of residues, barcode scanner

- synchronization with 1C and CRM systems

+7 (495) 142-00-62

+7 (905) 707-49-79 Whatsapp / viber / telegram

Control merchandisers https://welldone.one/

Control of sales representatives https://welldone.one/

Management merchandisers https://welldone.one/

Managing sales representatives https://welldone.one/

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