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Current Weather

The free wetter.de app offers you lots of information about the weather. If you are traveling in Germany or another country in Europe, you can not only view the weather for the day, but also by the hour. That means you know exactly when to pack an umbrella because it's raining at noon or when you can treat yourself to an ice cream in the sun. You can view the weather worldwide in the 14-day weather forecast and plan what to pack before you travel.

More weather information at a glance

We not only have classic weather data, such as the minimum and maximum temperature, but also a lot of other information relating to the weather: perceived temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction. Look at how high the risk of rain and the air pressure are for the day, how high the expected amount of precipitation is, how strong wind and gusts affect the weather situation or how many hours of sunshine there will be a day.

Weather profiles

In addition to the weather, you can also view different weather profiles. If you are considering whether you would rather have a barbecue or a swim at the weekend, then take a look at the appropriate weather profile. Whether barbecue weather, garden weather, bathing weather, skiing weather or pollen weather - with our app you are well informed in every situation.

Severe weather warnings

And if the weather turns stormy, you can of course find out about it via our weather app. Whether it's a hurricane, heavy precipitation or snow - our weather app shows you storm warnings and critical weather daily and to the hour. Our rain radar will show you whether you should pack an umbrella! Stay up to date with our push notifications on all relevant weather topics.

Weather - made just for you

As an allergy sufferer, the weather is particularly important. With our pollen count you know exactly which pollen is on the way and you can prepare yourself for the high phase of your allergy. Do you suffer from not being able to sleep when the moon is full? Our wetter.de app shows you the phase of the moon. You will also be informed about the sunrise and sunset and you know exactly how many hours of sunshine there should be a day. What could be nicer than knowing when the sun goes down and not missing the last rays of sunshine on the horizon?!

Also available on your watch

The weather forecast for 14 days with a weekly overview, as well as a daily and hourly forecast is also available on your square and round Android watch. In addition, you can see so-called complications on your dial for numerous weather information such as temperature, precipitation, felt temperature, UV index, and much more. invest.

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