White Noise: Baby Sleep Sounds

White Noise: Baby Sleep Sounds APK

About White Noise: Baby Sleep Sounds

Soothing White Noise Sleep Sounds to Quickly Fall Asleep

Sleep Better with White Noise Tool! We have a variety of sleep sounds inside our white noise generator tool! Whether you prefer more fan noise or rain sounds, you have come to the right place - White Noise for Baby Sleep.

Discover fantastic Sound Machine - White Noise Generator

With over 1,000,000 downloads and a 4.8 average star rating. Try white noise for baby sleep now for FREE. ??

Sound Machine - White noise for baby sleep with 12 proven sleep-promoting sounds:

✅ Fan noise sleep sounds

✅ River and ocean sounds (Ocean weaves)

✅ Rain sleep sounds

✅ Static - TV static sound

✅ Hair dryer - Brown noise for sleeping

✅ Vacuum and clothes dryer noise

✅ Train, Car Engine, and Highway sounds, and

✅ Beautiful Nature sounds

White Noise Generator - Fantastic Sounds Machine!

Fan noise sleep sounds - discover high-quality fan noise sleep sounds and make your baby fall asleep faster! The fan noise sleep sounds will help your baby relax and drift off into a deep sleep. ?

? River and ocean sounds - Water sounds are rhythmic and predictable and act as white noise. That helps block out unwanted sounds that could disturb your sleep. Listening to river and ocean sounds reduces the sympathetic response, which is your "fight or flight" mode.

Rain sleep sounds - Your baby will be relaxed with rain sleep sounds! Use our sleep noise maker and white noise generator to experience beautiful nature sounds! ?️?️?️

? Static - TV Static Sound - Discover one of the best background sounds for sleeping in our sound machine!

Hair Dryer - Brown noise for sleeping, great for relaxing and falling asleep! ?

Vacuum and clothes dryer - Helps your baby to relax, stop crying, and sleep better!

Train, Car Engine, and Highway sounds - High-quality white noise for baby sleep at its finest. ?

Beautiful Nature sounds - Free nature sounds for sleep and relaxation!

Try our sound machine, a fantastic sleep noise maker that will calm down and put your baby asleep quickly!

All sleep sounds are original recordings and remastered to promote high-quality sleep and block out background noises.

⭐ White noise for baby sleep app loads quickly

⭐ It's Battery efficient

⭐ Sleep sounds fade in and fade out

⭐ Works in airplane mode

⭐ Supports old Android versions Android (4.1+)

We help the World sleep better! Find out why white noise helps babies and adults to fall asleep quickly!

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