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About Wiandi by MinForening

Wiandi = 100% free app and member system for your community, club or group

Wiandi is a 100% free app and member system for you and your family that makes it easy to be a leader, trainer, instructor, member, parent or volunteer in a community, club, group or association.

Wiandi is equal to digital safety and has been awarded Best Association Communication Management App by the European Business News Award.

Wiandi provides full overview of your family's activities across communities, clubs, groups and associations and makes it easy to indicate participation, communicate and pay membership fees on behalf of yourself and your children:

- Indicate your participation in activities, as well as receive messages about tasks, changes and cancellations.

- Payment for memberships fees and activities is made easy with mobile payment integrated in the Wiandi app.

- Chat with group, team, leaders, coaches, instructors, members and parents

- Messages from communities.

- Integrated with your mobile calendar

Wiandi makes it easy to manage groups and teams in a community, club, group or association:

- Create, change or cancel activities, as well as communicate with members about the activity.

- Select and invite members to an activity as well as checking attendance.

- Create and assign tasks to the invited members.

- Member overview where you can assign members rights as group leader and administrator

- Approve and add members to your groups or remove members from group

Wiandi is 100% free of charge and without transaction fees because we know that every pound counts. Hence, Wiandi saves communities, clubs, groups and associations for tons of pounds because our business model is based on sponsorships from companies that are passionate about local development and cohesion. In addition, Wiandi ensures digital safety by not selling or transferring the user’s data to third party actors.

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