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Widget Aesthetic 2023 - Coolest Widgets. Download now & create your own widgets!

How to make your own widgets on android? how to add a widget on the home screen for android? How to get coolest widgets on android? “Widget 2023 - Widget Aesthetic" app is the answer for you. Download now and create your own widgets!

Edit home screen widgets with a powerful widgetsmith tool.

Customize the look of your home screen with top free Widget styles.

?Widget maker - Widget custom home screen free

?Photo widget for android

?Widget quotes of the day

?Weather & Clock widgets for android

?Calendar widgets, day counter widget & Note widget for android

?Countdown widget for android

?Contact widget on the home screen

?Battery widget for Android

?Widget Aesthetic 2023

? Try it yourself, create your own unique widgets!

Widget 2023 - Widget themes is the best Widget Editor for Android.

“Widget 2023 - Widget themes” allows you to add custom widgets to your home screen. Unlimited number of widgets on home screen - There is no limit to customizing your home screen!

Main features

?Easy to create your own widgets

?1000+ free widgets

?Easy to add widgets on home screen

?Easily create and customize your own widget: Fully customizable widgets with a user-friendly and beautiful customization interface.

?Customize colors, fonts, styles, background for each widget

?Custom app Widget maker

?Widget editor - Creating widgets in android

?Set multiple photo widgets on the home screen.

? Personalize your home screen with REMI WIDGET - WIDGET 2022!

Weather Widget

How to add a weather widget to the home screen? This is easy with “REMI Widget – Widget Themes”

?Widget Themes is the best weather widget application with many styles of weather widget. You can easily customizable and create your own weather widget.

- Weather widget for android with iOS styles

- Weather widget with date and time

- Weather widget 5 days forecast

Clock widget

How to add clock widgets to the home screen for android? This app has many styles for the Clock Widget for you to choose from.

?Many styles and sizes for clock widget: Clock widget analog, Clock widget dual time, Clock widget google pixel, Clock widget with seconds, Digital clock widget

Photo widget:

How to add a photo widget to the home screen?

?Adding a photo widget on the home screen is very simple with this app.

?Allows you to add your favorite picture to your home screen and switch them over time.

Calendar widget:

?See and check the calendar information from the home screen.

?Many styles for Calendar widget: Calendar widget agenda beautiful, Calendar widget black/cute

Note widget (widget notes)

?Access your note fast and easily from the home screen directly.

?You can quickly create notes and lists for home screen

- No limit on how many notes you can add to your home screen

- 100+ sketch notes - Note widget styles

?Add a widget to your home screen and start writing notes instantly!

Contact Widget: is the perfect func for speed-dialing your favorites directly from your home screen. All you need is to choose your favorite contacts. Call your favorite people in one click - on the home screen.

Battery Widget: an designed application to monitor your device’s Battery on Home Screen.

?Resizable, customizable colors for battery status

Day counter widget - Countdown widget – widget reminder helps you to remember your precious days.

?Create Custom Countdown or Count up widget with lots of themes and styles

Widget quotes for home screen:

?100+ best Quotes Widgets of all categories like, Love, Success, etc.

?Add Quote of the day to home screen

?Customize for quotes on widgets

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