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Winter Craft Exploration & Su APK

About Winter Craft

Exploration & Survival in the winter craft! Craft and Build your forest house!

Winter Craft is a crafting and building simulation games where you should survive in the cold winter! Build forest houses, small cities and settlements! Get food, hunt, mine blocks and craft weapons and items for extreme survival!

Craft a lot of items to build and decorate your home. Get ore in the mine and the mountains. The game has several modes: survival and creative (sandbox). As well as custom maps (such as the ancient city, survivalcraft, mini world, flat world and others)!

Huge catalog of items for creativity (sandbox): include various blocks including rare ones to realize all your imagination! Craft and build valuable resources. Build your own mini world with everything you need!

In the survival mode, you must survive in the winter craft taiga among a lot of wild animals! Mine the blocks you need to build a hut, burn a fire so as not to freeze, this is real survival! Craft blocks to defend your forest hideout!

NPC spawn is also available in the simulator games, you can arrange meetings, parties, make friends and much more. We've added a block boat and mini fishing rod to make the survival craft mode even more realm!


This app use code from the Minetest project

you can always get the newest Minetest code from

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