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About Word Catcher

Search for the words in the lanes of Hungarian crossword.

Word Catcher ? is a unique word search and word connect game, unique in the brain games for adults category. In this crossword puzzle, you need to make words and find the words in the lanes to discover a secret! So, how many words can you find? Can you solve this guess word puzzle?


The Words Catcher knew many secrets. But evil magic made him forget them. Help the Catcher! Collect words from his mysterious stories so that he calls them to memory and reveals them to you.

To collect all the words, you need to become a smart word finder and find the hidden words in the lanes presented in this word connect brainteaser game.


  • In this crossword puzzle, you'll see a square box filled with letters. Search for words and highlight them by swiping your finger across the screen like in classic fillwords and Hungarian crosswords.
  • Your task is to find all the hidden words and keywords for the Catcher.
  • Find the words that have not been planned as keywords by the crossword maker and get more coins for your efforts. Well, how many words can you find?
  • Do not worry if you can’t find a word. Use the tips - your faithful guess word companions for finding words
  • Once you've collected all the keywords required in each exact word search game, the Words Catcher will reveal his secret to you.

Outstanding features

? An original idea distinguishes this make words game from many other brain games for adults

?️ Curious secrets of the Words Catcher;

? Over 1000 interesting levels;

? Both online and offline word games;

❤️ Fillwords are the brainteasers loved by millions;

? Word Battle of the day. A time-limited word game that gives you a chance to become the best among the Word Lovers;

? Have fun with the benefit of your mind.

How many words can you find? It depends on your mental capability! But with our guess word hints, you can reach the highest word finder levels!

So, if you are looking for brain games for adults, such as a word connect, crossword maker, and word search game, try our newest crossword puzzle! Find words in the lanes and reach the mysterious secret of the Catcher. Make words and level up your brains

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