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Like word search games? Then this crossword is just for you!

Play word games and unlock new levels. Enjoy word puzzle games and get a reward, an addictive word games is waiting for you.

Lots of people love word search and discover your powers.


First, you see a wheel with letters and cells to fill. Think and write them on lines. It's so easy to practice erudition. The size of the grid increase with each level, as will the difficulty. You must have a large vocabulary to advance further. Mindfulness and erudition are the main qualities for victory. The level of difficulty depends only on your knowledge.

The more you pass the levels, the more coins you accumulate, you do not need to spend everything at the initial stage, these resources should be held until the necessary moment when you cannot find a solution, so it is easier to move through the levels.

Swipe your finger over the letters until you have the word.

Find as many necessary words as possible to unlock the levels and earn bonus coins after each completed level.

Each level has both easy and difficult words, hone your skills and you can easily pass them all.

Such word puzzle games will help you find out how good everyone's vocabulary is and improve spelling and concentration skills.


1) Wheel of Fortune — enter every day and get different prizes from coins to boosters.

2) Unique boosters:

— magic lightning: will show a randomly selected tile on the board, try to guess the word;

— magic glove: will open a specific cell indicated by you;

— super lightning: flashes letters in several squares at once;

— space rocket: shows the first and last letter of word and fills in the rest of that word with gold;

3) Diamond Chest —word connect from letters and take coins.

4)Shuffling letters — if in word puzzle games and you are stuck and cannot find the words, this function will come in handy.

Can you solve difficult crossword?

Word Search is the perfect combination of word puzzle, it looks simple enough just to word connect.

Download now and relax with modern and incredible graphics. These word puzzle are able to test your intelligence.

Word Search are puzzles designed to learn unfamiliar words and train your brain, have a good time with word search games. Share the fun with your friends and family by solving crossword together word connect!

Also, our game can be played alone. To find hidden words, just connect them.

If you like word games such as crosswords, puzzles, then these are just for you.

We do not promise that word games easy or that words will be easy to open, but you experience a lot of emotion and fun and love the puzzles. The best word game awaits you on new levels and exciting challenges!

Found a bug? Write to us, and we will promptly fix it in a new update. We care about our players and value your opinion, write your ideas, and we will add them whenever possible. Thank you for being with us.

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