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The best connect-letters to make words game, travel round the world! Fewer ads!

See how many words you can make out of a set of letters, in a crossword style format to help you find the words. And travel the world as you play! Each level not only gets progressively harder, but you will be taken on a trip around the world seeing exotic places and wonderful vistas. Make it all the way around and then take off into space! Face the challenge of extra and hidden words, and if you find yourself getting stuck, use one of the several 'boosters' to reveal letters. See how well you are doing against others worldwide with the leaderboard. Take a chance each day on our wheel of luck to see how many coins you can win to help you on your quest to solve the word puzzles. Over 1000 levels in this launch version, with thousands more levels to come.

Word Escapes features few ads than similar games - so you get that much more time to enjoy playing!

Playing word games like this is well known to help keep your mind active as well as relaxing you with beautiful scenery.

From one of the oldest games companies in the world founded in 1981, EDGE has produced numerous other games such as Super Cookie Blast, Wordzle, Palabra!, Bobby Bearing 2, and our eponymously named puzzle game "EDGE' launched in 2021 to celebrate 40 years since we released our first game.

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