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Word puzzle lovers! Build and find correct words with calming and relaxing game.

Word Pearls is a popular mobile word game and word puzzle. This free word game is a fantastic "spin" on traditional word connect games, word search games, sudoku and word puzzle games. It is a genuine word game in the market now. It is an original combination of trivia, word search, and word connect games. With its unique themes and music, it is calming as much as challenging. If you like classic word games and sudoku you will enjoy this brain game. Word Pearls 2 will be the next calming and relaxing new game! Play this game offline and enjoy this wonderful game.

In the game basically, words are split into syllables and players need to connect words back together by using bubbles. There are plenty of engaging categories/levels. The words in each level are a part of a certain topic. Players should carefully think about words related to the topic to solve the puzzles. If some words are new to players, they can always look them up in the dictionary by simply tapping in this word game offline.

Word Pearls brings a different adventure to word puzzle lovers. If you like crosswords and word search games you will lose track of time while playing this free word game. Use word calm free offline games to relax with your family.


• Latest word puzzle game with hundreds of unique challenges!

• Free daily rewards!

• Collect bonus words! Earn rewards for finding extra words!

• Earn boosters! Use the spyglass, light bulb or hurtle when you get stuck!

• Unlock new themes. Choose from themes that unlock as you play!

• Great exercise for the brain.

• Play without the internet.

• Brain teasers and brain games for adults.

• Play word games free for adults and word games offline.

If you are bored with word connect games and looking for new word games or fun word games for free you will enjoy Word Pearls. This perfect new game is a word game for adults.

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