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About WordFest

Play the world's most famous word board game online with thousands of players.

WordFest combines the fan favorite scrabble formula with a state-of-the-art online technology to bring the players the best word game experience ever!

Whether you are on the go, or gathering with friends, WordFest provides the smoothest and most fun scrabble word game in your hands. With a modified board and amazing visuals, WordFest brings a fresh air to the well-established scrabble genre.

As a game designed for people who can’t play games all the time, players can play their turns in long durations and enjoy a long and exciting match with thousands of other online players. But we have something for the power gamers as well. If you are not willing to wait for your opponent’s turn, open simultaneous games and play against up to 20 players at the same time.

Players can either challenge other players, or use our highly-developed matchmaking system to find random opponents suitable to their skill level. The Random Match system matches players with similar skill levels and provides a great setup for close and exciting games.

For people looking for a solo or more casual challenge, WordFest offers the most advanced scrabble AI ever. With varying difficulty levels, our bots will keep on your toes and challenge your wits in extreme ways. Only a true scrabble master can bring defeat to our highest difficulty bot. This system also allows players without an internet connection to play our game.

If you are in a hurry, try our exciting Rush Mode! Rush Mode games last for 5 minutes maximum while maintaining the beautiful scrabble inspired word puzzle formula without cutting any features. Quick thinking and fast reflexes are rewarded highly in this mode.

With the innovative and engaging badge system, players are rewarded for their consistency and wins. Complete games and rise from a vocabulary rookie to a word puzzle legend. You can display your badge to the other players and showcase your skill level.

WordFest offers a tactical booster system which provides players with an extra set of tools which they can try to outsmart their opponents. Radar, Super Swap and Hint can be used in tough situations, but their usage and powers are limited to avoid players overpowering their rivals just by using them. Our booster system helps players, but doesn’t make the game pay-to-win.

Add other players to your friends list and build a social network for yourself. Play games with your friends and keep track of the winnings to establish a friendly competition. On top of a robust friends list system, our secure social features allow our players to play in a socially safe environment as there are efficient tools to block unwanted players.

Game Features:

● Can be played as a guest. Registration is not mandatory.

● Login with e-mail or Facebook to keep your progress between different devices.

● Great brain exercise.

● Fantastic visuals and smooth animations.

● Long turn duration to allow a relaxed gameplay.

● All features are unlocked. Nothing is hidden behind a VIP system or subscription.

● You can chat with your rivals and form friendships.

● Detailed logs and numbers to present every detail with your moves.

● Intuitive UI presents all information to the players.

● Advanced matchmaking system which pairs two players in the same skill level for competitive gameplay.

● Boosters to allow different strategies and tactics.

● Rush mode for players who desire a quick match.

● Badge system to keep track of progression and reward players for their success.

● Advanced Friends List system to provide a social environment.

● Ability to block players to maintain a safe and secure social game.

● Can be played with one hand.

● Quick and long modes to cater all needs.

● Completely Free.

● Can be played offline against the highly skilled AI opponents.

We are actively monitoring every single feedback sent to our e-mail:

[email protected]

Download now and face the mightiest word masters ever!

May the best player win!

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