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About Wordmonger

?‍♂️ ?‍♀️ Start Relaxing Now with #1 Word Game

Welcome to Wordmonger! The modern word game everyone is talking about.

You are guaranteed a great time as you sit back, relax and play word games while growing an amazing collection. It starts as an easy word game and gets challenging. Your brain will thank you for the word game workout too!

As opposed to some other games, nothing in our word game is behind a pay-wall, you can play and collect %100 of the game's content free of charge, for now and for all future updates.

Why is ""Wordmonger: Modern Word Games and Puzzles"" so special?

? Best Word Game Dictionaries! Words for all language's puzzles are prepared by linguists who are also word game lovers themselves. Impressive word ranges too.

? Easy and Fun Gameplay! Just slide your finger to connect the letters to form words. Interestingly, no word typing in this word game.

? So Many Words! We have over 100.000 puzzles waiting for you. You can enjoy the word game in your native or secondary languages.

? The Collection! As you solve word games, you will also discover and collect the most important people ever lived, the greatest cities ever built, the most amazing living creatures and the most famous art pieces in human history. You will love your collection.

? Frequently Updated Word Game! New words and cards are added continuously. You'll never have a dull moment again.

? Stay Sharp! Word games help stimulate your brain and perform better in life even after you close.

? Challenges! Special morning and evening word game challenges, gold challenges and wonder challenges waiting for word game players who want something new and harder.

? Multiplayer! Find words with players around the world, enjoy word games cooperatively carefree or play 1v1 matches and see who solves word puzzles better.

? Secret Words! There are secret words waiting to be found in most of our word games, lets see where they appear and earn you extra gold.

? Alternative Themes! Word games come in different colors and shapes.

? Multiple Choices! All word games supported on both phone and tablet.

? Solid! All puzzles and word games are fully checked to make sure they are all solveable.

? Lucky Wheel! Apart from finding words and playing word games, you can also earn daily gold rewards by spinning the lucky wheel .

Wordmonger is the classy word game addition to your collection. Download and enjoy now, you will see as you find words you won't be able to put your phone down.

We greatly appreciate any feedback, as you play our word games please feel free to send any suggestions.

There are many word games on android but this word connect is unique in many ways and more relaxing than others by far. Word games may be easy or hard but this one will suit you perfectly, balanced is the key.

Word games are fun but Wordmonger is something else, a must try.

Occasionally word games can drain you, won't happen with Wordmonger.

Word games for the young, word games for the old, word games to enjoy, Wordmonger for everyone.

Word puzzle games increase your literacy, Word puzzle games sharpen your brain, word puzzle games improve your memory, word puzzle games make you share moments with loved ones and most importantly word puzzles games makes you happy!

Wordmonger is playable in the following languages :


Brazilian Portuguese















Japanese (Katagana)

Japanese (Hiragana)






Portuguese (European)








Let's find a word, let's solve puzzles, let's game!

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