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Words vs Monsters: Lingolish APK

About Words vs Monsters: Lingolish

Guess the secret word vs AI or friends in time battle, frozen time or story mode

3 to 7-letter words in 13 solo, AI, and multi-player modes

Lingo-lish introduced AI and a fantasy survival story to the UK originated word game. Enjoy several new puzzle types in single player, i.e., story, frozen time, time battle, the beginning, infinity, and four exciting robot modes each in baby, fair and brutal difficulties. You can also play the four multi-player modes against your friends and Lingolish AI, Miley. All Lingolish game modes are designed in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 letters English words. We did our best to keep you entertained for a long time.

Baby robots to brutal monsters

Remember, robot and online modes may not be easier in 3-letter word length. Brutal robots and monsters will hammer you in 3 letters if out of practice. You have a better chance to win them in lengthier words or if you are quick in guessing the answer. The good news is that you have friendly AI on your side! So, if you feel it is an unfair word battle, take advantage of Lingolish word guesser or, as we call it, brain freeze. Brutal monsters are tough to break so we recommend using the other AI-provided hints to fair it out! In addition to AI, when playing the story mode, pay attention to the clues provided in the story presented in the background.

Signle vs multiplayer modes

In single-player modes, you have limited chances or time to guess the secret word. Lingolish solo and robot have three difficulty levels: easy to difficult, making them suitable for kids and adults. In online modes, however, you are at the mercy of your opponent, as they are at yours.

Introduction of magic to multiplayer modes

In multiplayer modes, we have introduced new spells to the game. Invite your friends or play Lingolish live with your family and try them out. There are four spells you can cast on each other; Devil move changes the target word for both players mid-game. Volcano eruption burns 6 letters in your opponent's keyboard for one round. Freeze spell freezes your opponent for 3 seconds, and you can guess as many times as you can in this time. Sneak peek reveals the colour-coded hints given to both sides to the opponent for 5 seconds. With spells at play, it is a completely different game from similar word guessing games - much more thrilling!

Lingolish rules and mechanics

The basic rules of Lingo lish are the same as other anagram games with full keyboards. You guess a word, and game mechanics give you hints to guess the second word. Lingolish marks the letters that the target word shares with your guessed word in orange and green. Green for the correct letters in the correct place. Orange for letters in the incorrect place. Any letter in the guessed word not included in the target is marked in gray and is no good. May the first one who figures out the secret word win!

It is a vocabulary game

Lingolish can be considered a vocab builder game: the wordness and correct spelling of every submitted word are checked against a validity directory. It also sports a thesaurus that pronounces every word guessed during a match. Lingolish might look like an easy word game at the start, but it gets harder as you solve puzzles. There are monster levels at the end of each chapter where you are challenged by monsters you can hardly defeat!

Lingolish extra features

- Easy to learn

- Play an unlimited number of word games for free!

- Includes over 7000 fun word games and texts in 3 to 7 letter difficulty

- 160 addicting levels in story mode

- Ability to play OFFLINE with no time limit to play today and every day

- Wheel of fortune, word of the day world challenge, and other daily worldwide word challenges

- A thesaurus to describe the meaning of words you guess in text format and to play the pronunciation. It improves your vocabulary-building and language-learning skills.

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