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About Working Phone Minecraft Mod

Working Phone Minecraft Mod - mobile smartphone with camera for sandbox MCPE.

Working Phone Minecraft Mod is a Pocket Edition addon that adds a real mobile device inside Bedrock game ?! Write messages to the creeper?, make a call to Netherworld?, take photo? craft recipes - all this can be done by our teammates with Working Phone for MCPE?. The camera does not shine in quality, but Bedrock addons phones have other features as well. Music? will brighten up Mincraft niche of everyday life when played from our personal mobile device✅.

Almost limitless set functions⚙️ in Phones in Minecraft Mods will allow us to be a head above our neighbors, friends will run to your new toy, because the apps? within it amaze any imagination:

✔after unlocking the screen (sneak, crouch) we get access to the main menu, where with the help of addons we put a lot of useful functionality⚒ in SmartPhone Mods Minecraft, where app (and there are 12!) is completely functional⚡️.

✔No craft is useful for us - survival mode or realm will allow you to take this mobile device with you on any journey?.

✔For your comrades to be able to receive messages? from us, Working Phone Minecraft Mod is also available for their use.

Pocket Edition games? has seen similar addons before, but Working Phone for MCPE has stepped up a notch - phones have working apps inside. Isn't this a miracle✨ for cubic Mincraft game?

Consider with you the full features⚙️ Phones in Minecraft Mods, which will come in handy in survival mode and other glorious Bedrock locations:

• There's even a Fleppy games inside the app, where our friends will keep score and break each other's records.

Call?. We can make a call in Working Phone Minecraft Mod, but so far, we won't end up calling anywhere. This is a trial apps, which with future updates will be improved✔.

• Like other Mincraft addon on phones, SmartPhone Mods Minecraft has a camera for photo and video?. Of these two, only the photo camera is only one that works at the moment.

Music?. For a good Pocket Edition game, you can always include a nice track? with which our survival will become much more optimistic, because music has always given more spirit, emotion and life?.

As we can see, to get a smartphone we can forget about different crafting recipes, it's enough to have Working Phone for MCPE on your device - this app can get our friends, cooperative games that have more fun?! Messages? that we send them with Phones in Minecraft Mods will always unite? you on the same server.

?Developing SmartPhone Mods Minecraft, we had nothing in common and no collaboration with Mojang studio. This addon refers to unofficial developments for Minecraft world, because it was not approved by this studio, which owns all copyrights.

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