About XDV

XDV is a streaming video surveillance software

XDV is a streaming video surveillance software, iPhone through sport DV hotspot, connecting Zhuhai allwinner technology based on the movement of the main chip DV, real-time monitoring.

Motion camera using the most advanced streaming media solution that can achieve low latency, high-quality image.

Software features:

1. Live Preview motion DV video screen.

2.DV can control the motion to take pictures, video, photography slow operation.


Camera features including ordinary camera, time taking pictures, automatic camera, camera trajectory.

Video features include loop recording, time-lapse recording.

Photography can be slow depending on the resolution of fun settin

4. Set the motion DV terminal directly related settings, such as exposure, white balance and so on.

5.Connect the process, real-time browsing, file management movement DV terminal, also can be downloaded to the phone side backup.

6.The software also can be made without connecting motion DV status, pictures or video files have been downloaded.

7. You can simultaneously share to each social platform.

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