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About Yahoo!

Yahoo! JAPAN is an all-in-one app for worldwide news, weather, e-mail management, and many more.

The Yahoo! JAPAN app is an all-in-one free app that you can use anytime. In addition to the latest breaking news, content to kill time that you can enjoy in your spare time, and knowledge bags that allow you to consult and solve familiar questions, you can also use functions necessary for daily life such as weather forecasts, train transfer information and operation status. increase.

*Some functions are not available in the tablet version of the app.

In addition to news, weather, e-mail, etc., you can enrich your daily life conveniently with this one app, including coupons.

[Enhanced functions useful in various everyday scenes]

▼ Reliable information in an easy-to-understand manner with the new corona tab

The new corona tab updates the latest data such as the number of infected people, the number of severe cases, the bed occupancy rate, and news about the new corona every day. Prevention methods and symptoms are summarized in an easy-to-understand manner with expert comments, explanations, and illustrations.

▼ Rain cloud radar has evolved to be more convenient

The rain cloud radar has evolved further, and it is now possible to know at a glance when it will rain and when it will stop. You can also check the rain intensity on the graph. Please use it to check the weather before going out.

▼ Make your life richer with the "Region" tab

On the "Area" tab, you can check information useful for daily life, such as news about incidents and accidents in the set area, events, and deals. Please log in with your Yahoo! JAPAN ID before using.

▼ Customize tabs to your liking

You can add tabs to the home screen of the Yahoo! JAPAN app according to your preferences. You can freely select as many tabs as you want to read articles from, such as baseball, drama, business, money, parenting, automobiles, animals, and life. After logging in with your Yahoo! JAPAN ID, use "Edit tab" in "Other" at the bottom of the home screen.

▼Heavy rain forecast notification

We will notify you by push notification when the precipitation in the set area is expected to exceed 20 mm / h within the last hour. You can receive notifications by turning on "Disaster/Emergency Information" from "Others" > "Settings" > "Push Notifications" at the bottom of the home screen of the Yahoo! JAPAN app.

▼Sports bulletin as soon as possible

We will quickly inform you of major sports information such as high school baseball, professional baseball, and soccer.

▼Have a convenient and comfortable day at Yahoo! JAPAN

・On busy mornings, check the weather forecast displayed on the app's home screen at a glance. You can also tap it to see hourly precipitation probability, weather forecast up to 17 days ahead, and rain cloud radar. Also, in the route information, you will be notified by a badge if there is delay information on the registered route. And Yahoo! JAPAN familiar news will deliver a list of important topics selected by the editorial department.

・Relax with your favorite articles at night when you want to relax. When you open the app and scroll down, articles and videos are displayed one after another on the timeline. The app learns people's preferences, such as people who are interested in entertainment news, weather, sports, and stock price movements, and quickly delivers content that may be of interest. Convenient for killing time.

▼ 24 hours a day, you can always feel safe just by holding it

There is a function of peace of mind even in case of emergency. When an earthquake or disaster strikes, if you start the Yahoo! You can also receive push notifications even if the app is not running. Bulletins of major earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions, as well as civil protection information issued by the government via J-Alert when dangers such as ballistic missiles are imminent, will be delivered to all customers regardless of the registered area.

* Notification settings are required to receive. When you receive it, please check the information and try to act calmly.

In addition, you can check various weather warnings such as flood information and wave warnings due to typhoons and heavy rains.

[Other recommended functions]

▼ Follow tab where you can read articles you care about at once

Articles related to the keywords you followed are displayed in a row, and you can check the information you like at once.

Recommended for

・ I want to know information about high school baseball and professional baseball as soon as possible

・ I want to know information about my favorite celebrities and athletes

・ I want to follow a wide range of information about dramas and anime I am watching

▼ Topics tab that shows the hot words of "now"

Keywords that have become a hot topic are introduced in real time in a ranking format. You may come across words that catch your eye.

▼ News tab for the latest news

You can see 8 genres of important topics carefully selected by the editorial department from the latest news, 8 of each.

▼Special Coupon Tab

Daily delivery of coupons that can be used at various restaurants nationwide. You can easily get a discount just by showing it at the store. Coupons that can be used when eating out are being distributed one after another!

▼ Extensive search function

It has many search functions. You can search for recipes as well as images and videos!

For example, search for this item

・Professional baseball, J-League, and other game breaking news

・Recipes of hot dishes

・Route transfer information and operation status

・Useful knowledge in the event of an earthquake or disaster

・Road traffic information such as congestion

▼ Kisekae function

You can change the home screen of the app to your favorite theme. Seasonal themes and themes of famous characters are being distributed one after another! 

You can enjoy the Kisekae function from [More] > [Kisekae] on the home screen.

▼ Appointment management & reminder function

You can register and check schedules on the Yahoo! Calendar on the app, and receive reminders before the schedule starts.

▼ Full of other useful functions that can be used for free

・E-mail: Check Yahoo! Mail immediately ・Weather: Real-time movement of rain clouds with weather forecast and rain cloud radar for up to 17 days ahead

・Sports: Check professional baseball and J-League game results immediately

・Fortune-telling: If you register your zodiac sign, you can see it as soon as you open the app.

・Railway information: Operation information, station information, route search, timetable, etc.

・ Shopping: Use the smartphone payment service “PayPay” to save money

・Finance: Check the latest stock prices and exchange rates around the world ・Wisdom bag: Solve familiar questions and consultations together

[Recommended for people like this]

・I don't want to miss the latest news or hot topics

・I want to quickly receive disaster information such as earthquakes and evacuation information

・I want to receive typhoon information and weather warnings quickly

・I want to immediately check the results of professional baseball and J-League games

・Want to conveniently manage weather, route information, etc. in one app

・ I was looking for an app to kill time on the train

・I want to receive civil protection information (J alert)

・I want to solve familiar questions with Yahoo! Chiebukuro

・Daily dining out using coupons

・ I want to enjoy shopping more economically

・I want to kill time by reading manga, comics and articles

[Request from Yahoo! JAPAN app]

If you have any problems, please contact us from here.

*If the Android OS setting "Access to Notifications" is allowed, other applications may read the information notified by this application (including schedule information delivered by the reminder function). See below for details.

❍ Yahoo! JAPAN Terms of Use

❍ Privacy

❍ Software Rules (Guidelines)

❍ About location information From version 3.71.0 onwards, rain cloud radar map information in the Yahoo! JAPAN app will be delivered in cooperation with Mapbox. Mapbox acquires location information and information to identify devices for the purpose of providing and improving its services. Mapbox will use the information it collects in accordance with its privacy policy.

・Mapbox Privacy Policy

If you do not allow Mapbox to acquire location information, you can change the settings.

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