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love. real. sleep.  

From the makers of the beloved Dohm sound machine, the Yogasleep Baby companion app for the Ohma All-in-One Baby Monitor allows you to instantly connect with your little one, no matter where you are. Features of the app include: 

— Real-time video monitoring in HD over secure Wi-Fi  

— Adjust Ohma’s night light from the device or from the app  

— Set sleep training schedules with lights and sounds 

— Receive motion, sound, temperature, and humidity alerts 

— Play 20 sounds from the creators of white noise machines to soothe your child to sleep 

— Communicate with your child with our two-way audio intercom 

The Ohma is the newest addition to the Yogasleep Baby family. It’s the complete solution to your nursery monitoring needs. Features include: 

— Full 1080 HD camera with wide 170-degree view, digital pan, tilt, and zoom, and superior night vision 

— Secure and safe streaming over your Wi-Fi network 

— Superior night vision so you can monitor your child at all hours of the day 

— 20 soothing sounds, including the signature Dohm fan sound, nature sounds and lullabies 

— Two-way intercom so you can communicate with your child 

— Multi-colored night light and integrated sleep training tools help your child develop good sleep habits as they grow 

— Sensors on the device to monitor the temperature and humidity in your child’s room 

— Child lock prevents your little one from changing any settings or pushing any buttons  

— OHMA comes with a one-year limited warranty 

If you’re a fan of the Ohma, leave us a review! Need help with your device? Contact us with any feedback or comments. Learn more about Yogasleep products at 

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