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About YooQuiz

This quiz app makes learning a game and allows you to expand your knowledge

YooQuiz is the quiz app for teachers, students and parents, as well as everyone who wants to expand their general knowledge or just like to match.

Make our motto your motto and Level Up Your Skills!

The main features and characteristics are:

• Addicting quiz games

• Curriculum based questions

• Learning becomes a game

• Training, single player, duel or group mode

• For school, at home and everywhere

• Competitions with friends (clans), family as well as classes and schools

• Level system, leagues and rewards

YooQuiz makes learning a game and enables you to expand your knowledge. Whether alone, in pairs, or in a group, in a clan, in a family, in a class or at school.

At YooQuiz there is something for everyone and therefore the optimal quiz app with the special learning factor.


Are you still learning or are you already playing?

With YooQuiz you can play alone, in pairs or in a group and put your knowledge to the test! Choose your avatar, choose a topic, win duels, get points and badges and share your success with other players.

You can then redeem your YooCoins for even cooler avatars and boosters! Have fun!


Organize class or school tournaments

As a teacher, you can easily use the YooQuiz app to playfully repeat what you have already learned. In addition to learning support, you can also use YooQuiz to organize class and school tournaments.

This gives you as a teacher an insight into the current level of knowledge of your students.


Play your first family quiz with YooQuiz!

Bad mood when learning was yesterday! YooQuiz offers fun and excitement! Create a family group, organize family tournaments and get an insight into the current level of knowledge! The clever thing about it: your children also learn real school material and simply improve their grades in a playful way!

We hope you enjoy playing school and knowledge, alone, in a duel or in a group!

YooQuiz - "Levelup your skills!"

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