YouBike微笑單車2.0 官方版

YouBike微笑單車2.0 官方版 APK

About YouBike微笑單車2.0 官方版

YouBike Smile Bike 2.0 Official App

【YouBike Smile Bike 2.0 Official Version】

Start your YouBike 2.0 journey

Convenient and fast rental 24-hour public bicycle service system,

Whether commuting to school, sightseeing, sports or leisure, you can enjoy riding fun at any time!

Downloading YouBike 2.0 APP allows you to grasp the complete functions in real time: quick member registration, transaction record query, membership card management, real-time station dynamic query, public bicycle injury insurance data editing...etc.

【Service area】

Taipei City, New Taipei City, Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City (including Hsinchu Science Park), Miaoli County, Taichung City, Chiayi City, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County

※Remind you that this is an exclusive app for YouBike 2.0. To inquire about information about YouBike 1.0, please download the exclusive app for YouBike 1.0.

【Rental steps】

■ Registered member: You only need to register once, both YouBike 1.0 and YouBike 2.0 can be used

■ Multiple rentals: Each member account can register five tickets (Easy Travel Card, All-in-One Card) and scan codes to bind credit cards.

■ Deduction for returning the car: Confirm the information on the screen of the car machine, and open the APP transaction record to confirm the successful return of the car

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