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Your StoryLand is a collection of romance visual novels.

Your StoryLand is a collection of romance visual novels. You decide how the plot develops.

Follow your characters and their friends and find yourself immersed in the world of romance, fantasy and intrigue! In our game you can choose any look, clothes or hairstyle you want. You can communicate and develop relationships with the characters you like, fall in love and spend romantic evenings with them!

In Your StoryLand, you can find adventures at the banks of the Great Nile and meet local gods. You can see the wonderful world of the Other, living beyond the great wall, with many different magical abilities. Or you can try your hand at investigating a series of mysterious murders and face your own fear in a small town called Boston Mills.

Choose one of the stories below you can play right now:

The Lily of the Sands:

Along the magical banks of the Nile lies the land that faces countless hostile forces that threaten its existence. Will Egypt find a hero who will lead it to greatness and return it to former prosperity? Follow the adventures of charismatic Amizi and find yourself immersed in the world of ancient secrets and mysteries! It’s for you to decide who to kiss – a charming childhood friend or a majestic but unfeeling deity!

City of Nightmare:

An epidemic of missing teenagers hits Boston Mills. The investigation stands at a standstill until a local resident finds one of the teenagers brutally murdered on the edge of town... Apparitions, zombies and investigation full of intrigue are waiting for you in the small town!

Behind the Wall:

Being the sole provider of the family, Andrea is forced to take care of her sister and sick father. But a new world is revealed to her by a twist of fate. Now she will have to fight for her freedom, unravel the web of scheming, encounter a myriad of magical powers and have a chance to show courage on her journey. For centuries, two races - humans and the Other - were fighting each other in a bloody war. As a result, the Other guarded themselves off by a giant wall that hasn't been crossed for decades. Will Andrea find her way in the labyrinth of royal intrigues and save her family and herself?

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