Zagraj o milion!

Zagraj o milion! APK

About Zagraj o milion!

Play for a million! The best quiz game!

Are you bored with the usual quizzes? Do you want to feel the real emotions while playing? This is a great place! Play for a million is not another ordinary quiz, but great fun to bet on potentially correct questions.

To win the cash you have to answer 8 questions!

You start with a million zlotys in cash, and you can't stop the game at any time.

You answer every question by putting money in the answer you think is correct. If you are unsure of the answer, you can put money on more than one question by distributing it appropriately. Money put on the correct answer stays on the table and the rest is lost. The money that remains on the table after the last question is your win. Ready for the challenge?

Before each question, you can choose one of two random categories, and there are thousands of them in the pool - from scientific to unnecessary knowledge. Selected categories in the game: Geography, Gossip, Universal History, Celebrities, Movies, Polish and Foreign TV Series, Astronomy, Physics, Difficult Words, Youth Slang, World War II, Automotive, Sport, Ski Jumping, Olympics and much more!

Ready to fight for a million and become a millionaire?

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