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About ZigZag Mix

Very entertaining ZigZag game. How far will you go without falling down?

ZigZag games... Playing this ZigZag mix game is very easy; just touch anywhere on the screen and the character will instantly change direction. Don't forget to draw zigzags while playing. If you change direction in time while traveling with your character, you will never fall down. Don't forget to eat the delicious food that appears along the way, so you can keep your energy high and run faster. The ZigZagMix game will gradually speed up. If you direct your character in time, it will never fall to the ground. Let's see how far you can take it without letting it fall down?

How to Play:

1. You must change the direction of your character at turns to prevent it from falling down!

2. While moving forward on the road, you should eat the fruits that appear in front of you and use them to change your character when you reach a certain number. This way, the zigzag mix game will give you more points.

3. You can earn more points in two ways.

a.Play with the new characters you get! This way, your points will be multiplied by a higher factor, and you will earn more points. This is necessary to climb the ranks.

b.Or, you should go very far without letting your character fall down.

Never give up trying! Eat your fruits and move forward!

The road is full of zigzags, start running right away!..

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