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About Zombie High School

What is going on Zombie High School? Thrilling Chase between zombies and humans!

Play real-time mobile game with others up to 8 players at the same time.

Huh? What happens to Zombie High School students?

Aren’t they supposed to be just studying, dating and partying like others in their ages?

I came for the best private high school, but zombies? What are zombies doing here?

From the rumor I heard, this is not a random accident that zombies are everywhere in the school.

It IS all planned by someone.

You have to be one of the students to investigate the situation with all the risk. Find out the secret of Zombie high school, and take the school back.

Obviously, it won’t go easy. You have to get rid of zombies chasing after you. You might have to fight back to get through.

If you think you are capable, you are welcome to enter Zombie High School.

▶Infection Mode (2~8 players)

One of the players is turned into a zombie.

Others should run away to survive.

Locate secret paths and place to hide.

The longer you survive, the bigger the reward you will get!

▶Attack on Zombie (4 players Co-op)

Play through the story to find out the secret of Zombie High School.

Choose your weapon, and overcome the wave of dangerous zombies!

Fight as a team! Stick with your friends! Teamwork is the only way to survive!

▶Cops & Robbers (2~8 Team-play)

Get your strategy ready for 4 on 4 versus mode.

Break all the switches as a Human Team, or Catch them all as Zombie Team.

Humans can be escaped anytime. So, keep your eyes open, and always stay alert.

▶Community Channel

Play with up to 100 players in the same server!

Chatting? Hanging Out? Playing mini-games?

We prepared a safe place you can take a rest in peace.

Experience high school life before zombies appear.


We are happy to assist you if you have any problem while playing the game

Please describe the issue and Android version.


Required Permission Info

Phone Number – Check validation of game account

Prevent from watching AD repeatedly

Mic – Record voice

Required to record game-play for community share

Phone status and ID

Prevent from watching AD repeatedly

Storage – Check contents in SD card

Required to access Naver Café from in-game


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Developer Address

Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


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