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About App Lock

App Lock & gallery vault with fingerprint lock, lock pattern & intruder selfie.

How secure is your phone?

Do you know who has just accessed your apps when you are not looking?

Do you want to protect privacy apps and personal data from prying eyes?

Are you looking for an app locker to protect privacy?

If yes, look no further, App Lock is the perfect app for you!

App locker app lets you lock apps on your phone with a secure password or lock pattern. Our gallery vault helps you hide photos and make them invisible. With the application lock app, you can have peace of mind that no one can snoop on your apps without your permission.

Our main features:

✨ App lock & unlock

✨ Keeper password manager

✨ Private photo vault

✨ Intruder selfie to “capture” who trespasses

✨ Lock screen customization for locked apps

✨ App hider with icon camouflage

With our smart lock app, you can:

? Lock apps & app unlock

- Set lock for apps you want to secure, such as social media, messaging, banking, or shopping apps.

- Customize the lock settings for lock apps, such as locking them after a certain time or when you leave a specific location.

- Prevent unauthorized access to your apps and protect your private data.

? Set up a password for apps

- Use your fingerprint scanner to unlock the apps locker quickly and conveniently

- Use a pattern password that only you know.

- Change password anytime you want.

? Hide pictures in the master lock vault

- Hide photos and hide videos from prying eyes.

- Import your photos from your gallery or camera to the photo vault, and they will be encrypted and hidden from other apps.

- View your hidden photos within the secret photo vault, and export them back to your gallery if needed.

? Detect intruders with intruder selfie

- Automatically take a photo of anyone who tries to open your app password lock.

- See who tried to break into your locked apps.

- Set up an intruder alert or a fake error message to scare them away.

? Customize lock screen theme for apps

- Set up the appearance of your app lock screen with various themes and wallpapers.

- Choose from different styles and colors to match your mood and personality.

? Disguise App Lock app

- Select an icon to hide App Lock with icon camouflage

- Change the app’s appearance to protect your phone security.

- Intruder detection to prevent them from knowing you have the safe lock app installed on your phone

App Lock is the ultimate privacy guard to keep your apps. You don’t have to worry if someone is snooping on your personal messages, photos, emails, social media accounts, and other sensitive information. It has a gallery vault to keep your photo safe. Try it today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a photo lock and secure passcode lock apps with a strong lock screen password.

Thank you for using our app!

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