Cosmos : Number Games Collecti

Cosmos : Number Games Collecti APK

About Cosmos : Number Games Collecti

Cosmos is a fun game for people across all age groups which tests your brain

Cosmos: Number Games Collection

About this game :

Is a fun game for people across all age groups.

It provides you with a pattern of very interesting and tempting set of numbers from which you have to tap a particular number depending on the maniac/tiles category within a stipulated time frame.

How to Play :

Four numbers appear running on your screen from bottom to top together.

You have to tap one among them(depending upon the category of tiles) within time to earn your score points.

The speed and complexity of the numbers will keep on increasing with time that will put your brain, eyes and hands to test.

Different Categories :

-Maximum Numbers

-Minimum Numbers

-Multiples of numbers from 2 to 20

Features :

-User friendly Design.

-Easy to Play.

-Very Interesting patterns of number sets.

-Challenges your mathematical skills.

-Improves your brain Power.

-Tests your hand eye coordination.

Explore the ocean of mathematics which will bring out the Best Of You.

Play, Learn and Roam around Cosmos Games.

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