Esmagar Palavras Caça Palavra

Esmagar Palavras Caça Palavra APK

About Esmagar Palavras

Learn words in this fun game, and levels are randomly generated!

Words are the foundation of language learning. You can use Word Smash to memorize and practice spelling words.


-Easy operation: Just swipe your fingers to delete the word.

-Play anytime, anywhere: No WIFI connection required.

-Educational Fun: The Word Smash game contains tens of thousands of word blocks and vocabularies.

-Massive levels: More than 10,000 levels, with increasing difficulty, extremely easy to start but hard to pass, brain puzzle.

How to play:

- Slide selected letters to form a word.

-If the selected letters can be combined into a word in order, it will automatically disappear. When the selected word disappears, the block of words above it will disappear.

-Observe the text in these word blocks to form the word carefully, which can help you remove the word block to pass the level faster.

-The game can also accumulate bonus vocabulary. When you find the word that doesn't fit the topic, that word will enter the bonus vocabulary bank.

This is a more rare word game than it sounds!

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