Hunt and craft items in MMORPG EXTOCIUM! Earn cryptocurrency in game

?Hunt and craft items in Play to Earn Online MMORPG EXTOCIUM!

Earn cryptocurrency in cryptocurrency and NFT games!

Collect materials through hunting and summon heroes to create your NFT assets.

Try until a more valuable and powerful hero appears with your powerful luck!

If you collect a certain amount of gold in the game, you can swap it for cryptocurrency!

Collect various items through monster hunting, gathering, and raiding,

and make powerful weapons through crafting!

And you can trade your weapons on the market.

Enjoy an MMORPG that enables a true market economy through cryptocurrency and NFT!

✔️XTO coin to be launched on the blockchain in the first quarter of 2023

✔️In order to play the game, it is necessary to link the Metamask wallet.

✔️There is an entry fee to defend the cryptocurrency price.

✔️You need to purchase Hero NFTs with BNB in ​​the market to start hunting in earnest.

Hero NFTs you own are stored in your wallet via MetaMask.

✔️Your game email account and Metamask wallet account must only be matched 1:1.

1. XTO Crypto Ecosystem Created with Users

Play the game, collect materials and trade them in the market. Your natural MMORPG play creates economy.

XTO coin provides holders with various benefits that can contribute to the EXTOCIUM ecosystem.

2. Real-time hunting and gathering in the open field

Enjoy hunting and gathering in the multiplayer field.

You can become friends or competitors with various users, and trade your loot seamlessly in the game through the market.

3. The Clientela's Club that will maximize your profits

Invite your friends and make them your clients!

Your client will be able to earn bonus gold, and as he gets bonuses, you accumulate bonus gold as well.

4. Basics of Force Ecosystem, Field Raid and Field PK

PK is possible in the field. Be vigilant and defend your place.

Field raids that are summoned at specific times drop materials for making powerful weapons.

5. Regular updates with new content

We will gradually update attractive systems such as arena, guild wars, dungeons, and equipment DeFi.

Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/EXTOCIUM) and stay tuned for updates and news.

We make the virtual value created by the online MMORPG into the real value through cryptocurrency!

If you are tired of the Pay to Win system of MMORPGs, and want to return to the classic online MMORPGs,

come to the world of EXTOCIUM!

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