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Idle Battle Game

Welcome to the Continent of Combat Qi, where strength is everything! In this new idle battle game based on Battle Through the Heavens, you'll play as a young master of a declining family, respected by none. You'll start from being the lowest level practitioner and companion of Xiao Yan, and will explore the world together to fulfill his three-year promise! From the Magical Monster Mountains to the Tagor Desert, you'll overcome all kinds of difficulties to prove the saying: The future is still undecided. Don't bully others just because they're poor for now!

[Idle Gaming]

-Break through the mortal realm by idle gaming

Non-stop offline gains. Increase your strength in combat and conquer the world with little effort!

[Numerous Combat Skills]

-Find the best strategies to explore the Magical Monster Mountains

There are two major cultivation paths, three kinds of growth systems, and over a hundred Combat Skill combos. Whether you prefer being a lone wolf or a team player, you'll find everything you want here! Come and enjoy fierce combat!

[Infinite Secret Realms]

-Discover monsters and treasures and refine Heavenly Flame Qi Methods

Secret Realm exploration, Pill/Artifact Refining, Magical plants/animals cultivation, Heavenly Flame taming... Numerous artifacts are waiting to be discovered. Come and immerse yourself in Combat Qi cultivation!

[Grow Together]

-Allies can work together to form the strongest sect.

Befriend the strong and build your sect together. Explore the Forbidden Area, defeat exotic monsters, explore vaults, obtain treasures... So many sect features are just waiting to be explored!

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