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FNF MrBeast Funkin Mod APK

About FNF MrBeast

Play the MrBeast funkin music, experience the ultimate musical showdown vs BF/GF

FNF MrBeast Funkin Mod is a funkin mod that introduces the famous YouTuber Mr.Beast into the FNF music game. BF and GF this time rap battle against Mr.Beast and his mates.

It was a Friday night and the funkin music party was just getting started. The music was blasting and everyone was dancing, but there was something missing. That's when MrBeast arrived with his signature style and brought the party to a whole new level.

With his passion for music and his unique sense of rhythm, MrBeast introduced the crowd to the FNF game. But he didn't stop there. He created his own funkin mod, adding new beats, characters, and backgrounds that left everyone awestruck.

Every Friday night, let's gather around to play the MrBeast funkin mod and experience the ultimate musical showdown.


- Make arrows perfectly match.

- Beat all enemies (El Chavo, Analog, Door, Impostor V4), climb to the top rank!

- Feel funkin rhythm! Dance with cg5! Rock the beat!


- Arrows fall follow funkin melody

- Full mods Full enemies as you expected (Indie crosss, MCPE in FNF, F Alphabet)

- Fantastic background with great sound effects

- Always save your funkin journey while you exit the game

- Not require starting a new mode of play

- Be updated frequently!

Have fun!

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