Hwarang & Kumiho Gamebook RPG

Hwarang & Kumiho Gamebook RPG APK

About Hwarang

The game is an interactive narrative adventure in which YOU ARE THE HERO!

"Hwrang and Kumiho" is an interactive fantasy adventure and narrative - a gamebook (in the tradions of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" and "Fighting Fantasy" series). It tells an ancient Korean tale of a courageous hwarang warrior!

- Decide how the main character acts throughout the story;

- Choose what legendary skills hwarang will master;

- Maintain and improve key statistics;

- Enjoy wonderful illustrations;

- Play absolutely FREE – NO in-app purchases, NO advertisements!

Hwarang is one of the oldest orders of chivalry, founded in Shilla Kingdom (one of the three ancient Korean kingdoms) with its own unique code of honor. Some even consider this code to be the source of the samurai order as well.

The fox is the most cunning personification of evil in Korean folklore. It is a demonic creature with nine tails, which kills men, women and infants. It often takes a human form as well. This fox is called "Kumiho".

In this app you will experience the atmosphere of ancient Korea in the role of a brave witty hero. You will learn more about this exotic country, its enchanting folklore, mythology and customs.

Best of luck!

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