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About Maen Yo!

Play Yo! is a money-making game application made by the nation's children

Like to play games? Need additional income? The game you play requires a high commitment?

Get to know this.. Play Yo! money-making game application by the nation's children.

What can you get from playing games on the Maen Yo Application? Want Fund balance? there.. want Gopay balance? Yes.. Want OVO balance? is there... Link AJA balance? there.. Credit from various providers? There are so..

The games that we have in the Maen Yo application are light games that you often encounter on any platform. So, the Maen Yo application can be played by anyone and is not limited by age.

How to play? It's so easy! you just play 1 vs 1 against your enemies and win Yo!Coins which can be exchanged into e-wallet balances, or even credit.

Want to earn more money? Money-making games We have a variety of modes here. What's more, it's really busy with daily tournaments & weekly tournaments. Here you can compete 1 v 1 to achieve the most Yo!Coin gains. Winning against the enemy gets Yo!Coin, entering the podium also gets Yo!Coin. It's really non-stop for Cuan because every day there is a Tournament!

Oh yes! In Maen Yo you can also play Guess Yo! Train your brain to guess the word in 5 tries. Do you have money too? Oh jelaaaaasss

What are the features that you can enjoy in Maen Yo?

1. Games - light money-generating games but fun and easy to play

2. Daily tournaments & weekend tournaments with millions of prizes EVERY DAY!

3. Brain teaser game with hundreds of Maen Yo users! which of course is too cuan abisss.

4. The game you play with your opponent is a skill & dexterity based game, there is no luck or hockey factor in this application. We all set fair & square!

Yo! instead of you guys getting bored, let's just play the Maen Yo! application, it's fun and cuan abiezzzzzz.

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