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My Hospital Town Doctor Games APK

About My Hospital Town Doctor Games

Hospitals & doctors need help! Be a doctor at Tizi hospital town games for kids.

Do you know the superhero that wears a white cape? Yes, you are right those are our doctors! Ever dreamt of saving someone's life? Then Tizi Town Hospital is the right place that gives you the joy of role-playing a doctor and saving your people's life.

Experience the daily hassle in hospital life with this Tizi town game and pretend play to be either a patient, a pharmacist, or a doctor. Explore each and every floor from the Ambulance area to the CT Scan checkup room. In Tizi town hospital, you have a wide range of career options like Dentists, Osteopathic, Radiologist, or General Surgeon. So what are you waiting for, download my Tizi town hospital doctor game now!

Step into the real-life challenges which the doctors encounter daily and be the organizer of your own hospital. Create your own stories about medical routine checkups, curing different illnesses, diagnoses with CT scan machines, and much more. Let your children take charge of their own hospital & develop empathy for others.

Key Features of this game are:

* More than 25 characters to play with, of different species, age representing both patients and doctors

* Lots of innovative ways to play on 5 floors with several different medical sections

* A lot of mini-games are waiting for you with different variations

* It's a doctors game for people of all ages

* Beautiful and high-quality graphics

* Find out exciting new surprises in each room

So what are you guys waiting for? Diagnose, treat & cure your Patients. Live the life of a medical professional with real-life challenges. Come and download my Tizi town hospital doctor games now!

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