Rune Sword: Action Platformer

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About Rune Sword: Action Platformer

Warrior! Wield the sword in your hand, it is urgent to defend the kingdom!

Somewhere deep in the woods hidden a rune statue. The royal mages draw from his runes to uphold the barrier that protected the kingdom against monsters. However, not everyone believed that the barrier was necessary and the power can be used differently… One of the mages betrayed and then attacked his brothers! A powerful spell killed the defenders, the runes were stolen and the barrier had fallen…The kingdom is at stake!

Run, jump and slash your way through the giant world of platforming challenges. Find secret full of treasures, change weapons and armor, discover magic runes. Become powerful and defeat the bosses.


- Rich level design: 36 hand-crafted levels, each level has a unique terrain design and trap design, each level is a new experience!

- Collect hidden treasures: Each level has 3-5 hidden treasures waiting for you to explore and collect.

- Different characters and swords: There are 8 different characters and 7 different swords, each character and sword have special attributes and effects.

- Unique rune design, collect runes and strengthen your heroes!

- A variety of monsters, there are more than 10 different monsters and unique AI, making your battle more exciting.



Thank you for playing our game. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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