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About Wandroid #5R

Wandroid #5R - Return of The Arch Wizard - 

The 5th installment of the "Wandroid" series of Hakusura 3D dungeon RPGs.

This is a remake version of "Wandroid #5 - Return of The Arch Wizard-".

A retro and classic 3D dungeon RPG

Nostalgic old-fashioned first-person dungeon movement,

It is a simple RPG such as command input type battle.

◆ New dungeon exploration

A complex dungeon with a higher difficulty level than its predecessor.

◆ New professions and magic

Added new job "Alchemist" and alchemist magic.

You can now create a party with more variations than the previous game.

Addition of new races

Three new races have been added: Ratkin, Fairy, and Lizardman.

You can now form a party with more variations.

◆ Character reincarnation system from the previous work

You can reincarnate a character from the previous remake version into this work and adventure.

(In order to reincarnate, it is necessary to back up and copy the data of the previous work to the smartphone itself)

◆ A game where you explore and discover yourself

There is no so-called "tutorial" in this game.

It is a game where you search for the contents of the game by yourself, discover, and solve the mystery.

◆ Hakusura dungeon with a high degree of difficulty

The number of monsters and items has increased compared to the previous game, with over 400 species.

◆ With automatic mapping.

Auto-mapping can be seen by using the "map scroll" sold at the store, or by the magic of "Mapper" learned by wizards.

◆ Switching between automatic save and manual save

Game data is automatically saved by default.

However, you can use the so-called reset trick by switching from settings to manual saving.

Supports vertical and horizontal play

You can play the game by holding your smartphone vertically or horizontally.

◆ Compatible with gamepad operations

Supports operation with various gamepads via Bluetooth connection.

(Please note that some gamepad models may not be compatible.)

◆ Cancellation of advertisement by billing

It is a free app with banner ads, but you can hide the ads by paying.

◆ Remake version

It will be a remake of the past Wandroid#5.

The screen design and user interface are new,

It's easier to play.

Notes on the remake version

Scenarios, dungeon maps, items, monsters, etc. are almost the same,

The basic system and user interface are the same as Wandroid8.

There is no data compatibility with the old work. Data transfer is also not possible.

Also, please note that the expeditionary force system that was in the original work is not in the remake version.

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