Wize levels- hack your logic

Wize levels- hack your logic APK

About Wize levels- hack your logic

Wize levels are made for your brain-pushing experience!

Wize levels is a new striking tricky puzzle game that will definitely freak you out! Numbers of twisted brain riddles will develop your logical ability, memory, and creativity. All questions are designed to boost up your brain and imagination. Learning has never been so fun and exciting!

Try a completely new approach to logic games! - Shake, rotate or tap your phone to win! It’s a perfect combination of humorous gameplay, knowledge and unexpected solutions.


* Brain-burning teasers and tricky questions

* Unexpected answers

* Humorous game process

* Tons of positive emotions

* Ideal for all ages - Play with friends, family or teachers!

* Awesome gameplay mechanics

Increase your IQ level with fun, break common sense and push your thinking limit!

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