AdGuard VPN — private proxy

AdGuard VPN — private proxy APK

About AdGuard VPN

Surf the Internet fast and securely — AdGuard VPN will protect your privacy.

AdGuard VPN hides your real IP address and location, encrypts your traffic, and makes you anonymous. Be sure your data is safe: we have a strict no-logging policy.

We’re proud of our AdGuard VPN:

? Proprietary VPN protocol

We have developed our own AdGuard VPN protocol. It’s fast, secure, and disguises itself as usual traffic — it’s far more difficult to detect and ban it.

✅? Website exclusions

Decide where AdGuard VPN should be on: everywhere except for certain websites or on selected websites only.

? 50+ locations

Choose the location that best meets your needs — we have servers from America to Australia.

?? Up to 10 devices simultaneously

Log in to your AdGuard account on any of your devices — with a subscription, you can use your VPN on 10 devices simultaneously.

? Safe and secure browsing

AdGuard VPN securely encrypts your traffic — purchase online or use public Wi-Fi networks, and be sure your personal data is safe.

?️ No-logging policy

We don’t collect or share your personal data with anyone. Neither we nor your Internet service provider know what you’re doing online.

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