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About Satellite Weather Radar India

India weather radar and satellite images

Key Features of Weather & Radar India app:

• This is best Live Weather Report App of India.

• India live Doppler weather radar Images.

• Indian Sector Latest weather Satellite Images.

• Every 10 minutes radar image updated.

• 24 India city's Doppler Weather Radar Images.

• Change your desire city and see the clouds position.

• You will get accurate Weather Forecast.

• Best satellite weather map live india.

• Live insat satellite image india.

• Best weather India App.

• Insat 3D, Insat 3DR and Meteosat-8 Satellite Images.

Doppler Weather Radar Image Features:

• MAX(Z) => Maximum Display(Z) -This radar image gives the clouds position with cloud height within 250 KM range.

• PPZ500 => Plan Position Indicator(Z) -This radar image gives the clouds position within 500 KM range.

• PPZ150 => Plan Position Indicator(Z) -This radar image gives the clouds position within 150 KM range.

• PPV => Plan Position Indicator(Radial Velocity) -This radar image gives the clouds radial velocity within 250 KM range. The radial velocity towards radar site is taken as negative value (-ve) and away from radar site is taken as positive value (+ve).

• VVP2=> Volume Velocity Processing 2-This radar image gives the direction and radial speed of winds in different standard layer/height from surface.

• SRI – Surface Rainfall Intensity -This Image is an image of the rainfall intensity in a user selected surface layer within 100 KM range.

• PAC - Precipitation Accumulation -This Image shows the total rainfall amount in (mm) within 24 Hours. 250 KM range.

This App gives you the easy access and quick view of clouds over your city from Doppler weather radar images and satellite images published by India Meteorological Department.

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